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Complete The Puzzle was founded in 2016 by us, David and Claire Tovey. Combined, we have over 10 years worth of administrative experience. We decided that we wanted to build our own business, and what better way than to help others make a success of their businesses?


We're based in the South of England. We love working with clients in Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester, but we've also worked with clients from as far away as the US and Australia.


We thrive on meeting new people and helping their businesses grow.


So contact us to have a chat about what we can do to help you.

About Claire & Dave

David has a background in financial services administration, having spent seven and a half years working as an insolvency case administrator.


Claire's background is somewhat more diverse; an Engineering degree, a qualified secondary school maths teacher and a general lover of all things organisation and administration.


Why Should You Hire Us?


We don't need you to think about holiday pay, pensions, PAYE or finding us a desk to work at. We will just be waiting here for you, when you need us. We can work with you to get your project up and running in that full-on 80 hour week, or help you schedule social media posts, that frees up an hour for you every week. We're flexible like that.


Just like you, we started a business doing something we loved. Not only that, but we're pretty fantastic at it too. It may be hard to comprehend that someone can find that spreadsheet you're trying to design interesting - but I promise you, we're those people.



Complete The Puzzle is a Virtual Assistant business working with small and medium sized businesses to fulfill their administrative needs.





Hampshire, UK



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